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Written by: League Administrator
Friday, January 13, 2012




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  • Manager: 
  • Coach: 
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Team Tenets: Positive experience for everyone

  • Player development (requires Player, Parents, Coaches)

  • Positive attitude

  • Sportsmanship
  • Personal Effort

  • Team effort

  • <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Middletown Pride

  • Smile and have plenty of fun


Safety: Common Sense

  • Helmets, Bats, Balls, Batters, Pitchers, Catchers, Dugout, On-Deck



  • Players Will Receive: Cap, Shirt (needs to be returned) Socks

  • Players Need: Glove, Black BB pants, Athletic Supporter (catchers required; all others highly recommended), Cleats (Rubber)


Practice/Game Communications

  • Website, www.middll.org; please check daily

  • E-mail; please check daily

  • If you will be late for practice or a game, please call or e-mail manager

  • If you cannot make a game, please let manager know ASAP

  • Please do not discuss playing time with any coaches during the game or after the game, if you have an issue with anything please contact the manager at home or send an email

  • Fans should support our team with positive cheering and not any negative cheering against the other team


Upcoming Games/Practice(s): please check website for updated schedule



Team Rules:

·         Listen and Learn; no talking when coaches are addressing player (s)

·         Practice like you will play; practice effort is monitored by coaches

·         Hustle, on and off the field

·         Positive attitude only; support your teammates when you are on the field, and in the dugout!

·         In any situation, if you do not understand the signals, call time out!

·         Focus and Pay Attention! Mental Errors result from not paying attention.

·         If you make an error, shake it off; errors are part of the game.

·         If you strike out, shake it off; strike outs are part of the game.

·         Shirts tucked-in for games; caps worn with brim directly over your eyes

·         Sportsmanship, Sportsmanship, Sportsmanship!

·         Team, Team, Team!

·         Look like a Team, Act like a Team, Play like a Team!



General Information:

·         Players are requested to be at practice on-time; it is recommended that players show up 10 minutes before the practice time.

·         All players must wear pants (no shorts allowed) and baseball caps to practices and games.

·         Practices will generally last 1 ½ hours.

·         For Home games, please have the players at the field and ready at least 30 minutes prior to the start time. This allows the players time to get warmed up properly.

·         Mandatory Playing Time Rule is: 1 at bat and 2 innings (6 continuous outs) on defense per player per game.  We will try our best to provide more playing time than the minimum for all players.


 Playing Time comes from 3 things:

1.     Work Rate and Attendance

2.     Positive Attitude

3.     Player Progress



We are volunteer coaches that have pride in Middletown LL and are grateful for the opportunity to assist in developing Middletowns finest (your children) to achieve great success as a TEAM.

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