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MLL All Star Selection Process


Written by: League Administrator
Monday, August 1, 2011

MLL ALL-STAR SELECTION PROCESS<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

1. Each team manager shall submit to the Director of their Division a list of players for each All Star team that he/she feels should be considered.  This list cannot be submitted to the Director any earlier than 7 days prior to the All-Star announcements.

            All Star Teams:

            Baseball:   9-10 Minors, 9-10 Majors, 11 Year old Majors, 12 Year old Majors

            Softball:    11-12 Year old Majors, 9-10 Year old Majors.

2. The Director shall list on one sheet all unique names submitted from the managers.

3. The managers shall rank each player from 1 to n, where 1 is the best player, 2 being the 2nd best player, and so on.

4. The Director shall throw out the highest and lowest ranking, and then add up the point total for each player.

5. The 12 players with the lowest point total shall make the All-Star team.

6. In the event of a tie for the 12th spot, the tie breakers are listed in order:

- determine the player with the most scores between 1 and 12

- the managers vote to resolve the tie. If the vote by the managers results in a tie, then the President decides.

7. In the event that a player needs to be replaced, the next player in the vote total shall be placed on the team.

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